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The Best Way to Help Someone

  So many people are going through so much suffering, anxiety, bitterness and regret that you can’t avoid them. Or can you? I mean, when someone talks to you about how much they are hurting, our first reaction is to refer them to someone else—a professional who will deal with it, or to tell them […]

The Beauty of the face-to-face Meeting

It looks like the new thing in counseling is to generate business via Skype and to develop technics to counsel people who are far away and/or cannot come into the office. Generally, I am very interested in technology and I embrace new ways to help people, but, I am not crazy about this idea. I […]


How the adoption gift never ends

Many people who are against adoption have never experienced it firsthand, whereas people who have been involved somehow almost always have a favorable impression of the process. I have been so blessed to be the one that says “Here, this child is for you!” to a couple that has been waiting for a long time, […]

The wisdom of common sense

Through counseling people almost every day who are going through some kind of crisis, certain patterns emerge. Once in a while people are genuinely on the receiving end of something they had no part whatsoever in creating. These folk are haunted by trying to figure out what they could have done, or not done, to […]

why free sonograms?

Free sonograms seem to be getting a lot of attention. You might wonder why this agency, and other agencies like it around the country, provide free sonograms for their clients who are experience an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. As a non-profit women’s resource center, we are here basically to help women. Do sonograms help women? […]