Stories about adoptions

Mother's Day for a birth mom

The sun beat me home tonight. As I trudged up the subway stairs and saw the sunrise, I knew it was much too late of a night. Especially with church in the morning. A lady neighbor of mine and her sister, holding a cake, were also walking into…
Gift of Adoption

How the adoption gift never ends

Many people who are against adoption have never experienced it firsthand, whereas people who have been involved somehow almost always have a favorable impression of the process. I have been so blessed to be the one that says "Here, this child…
Arvada Cheyenne Durham and Jeremy Ryan Durham II

Adoption Story

I always like it when people come up to me and say, "You look just like your dad!"  It makes me giggle a little bit because in spite of the numerous people I have told, it never really registers with them that my dad (Tim Durham) didn't biologically…