Gift of Adoption

How the adoption gift never ends

Many people who are against adoption have never experienced it firsthand, whereas people who have been involved somehow almost always have a favorable impression of the process. I have been so blessed to be the one that says “Here, this child is for you!” to a couple that has been waiting for a long time, so my experience is very personal and very positive.
You would think that handing over a newborn to overjoyed new parents would be the pinnacle of joy, but, wait, it gets even better. As the child grows and develops his or her very own voice in the world, a story unfolds. Depending on the agreement, the adoptive parents usually send pictures of the adopted child every six months or so, and they go through this agency; the pictures come here and I send them on to the birth couple. Looking at the photographs I see a beautiful young child blossoming before my eyes. I have to wonder about all the laughter, the hugs, the tears whipped away, and the storied told. How precious it all is.
The greatest part of this is that it is all so very, very real. Nothing is exaggerated; the truth is good enough. Helping someone to fulfill a wish for their child to be in a good home while helping someone else have that same child to raise is better than any fairy tale. It is the perfect solution to a very critical problem and one we all should support.