The Beauty of the face-to-face Meeting

It looks like the new thing in counseling is to generate business via Skype and to develop technics to counsel people who are far away and/or cannot come into the office. Generally, I am very interested in technology and I embrace new ways to help people, but, I am not crazy about this idea. I suppose there would be situations when it could be useful, but why do it unless it is absolutely necessary?
Part of the problem with society (that causes us problems as individuals) is that so many of us are looking at a screen most of the time: phones, movie screens, television screens, tablets, and, of course, computers. Some of us are actually more comfortable communicating through an electronic medium than simply talking to another human. I could go into a rather long discussion about why this bothers me, but the point I am making is that we believe counseling is a very personal and sensitive process that works best when accomplished in someone’s physical presence. There are so many cues, such as body language, that are perceived only in real time and space.
If you came into the Ark City Women’s Resource Center for counseling or for a sonogram, you would be treated as a person in the old-fashioned–way-face-to-face. Our very presence shows our concern in a way that you can feel and experience. That’s why we like to say that “we are with you” because, well, we actually are literally with you when you need a person you can reach out and touch. If you call us, you will talk to a real person. If you come in, we will be here to help you and you will know our expertise and our sincerity.