why free sonograms?

Free sonograms seem to be getting a lot of attention. You might wonder why this agency, and other agencies like it around the country, provide free sonograms for their clients who are experience an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. As a non-profit women’s resource center, we are here basically to help women. Do sonograms help women? Well, women seem to think so. How else can you gain important insight about a pregnancy? You could read about pregnancy or talk to people who have been pregnant, but don’t you want to see for yourself what is going on inside your body? We want to make this as available as possible and quite a few pregnant women may not be able to afford the cost of one at the hospital or clinic. So, why do we provide free sonograms?

  1. We want to help women in crisis.
  2. Giving them medical information helps them in a timely and practical way.
  3. Providing this service at no cost opens the door to many who could not afford it.

Our experience shows that the vast majority of those using our services appreciate is greatly. The service is optional–so no one is pressured in any way. This empowers women to make the best choice for them based on thoughtful and accurate information, the way it should be. Being pregnant is a very important medical situation. Being pregnant and having little support can be a critical situation. We believe women in this situation need personal attention and professional care. Providing a free and professional sonogram to women who really need it seems like a great idea–as well as a most reasonable thing to do!